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Kev is a Ph.D. (2023) candidate at Liberty University

Dissertation Topic

Shiloh -The Battle of Pittsburg Landing; Medical Care: Civilian Steamers vs. Battlefield Medical Care – Dissertation Introduction

Greetings to all, This dissertation started when I read a report by Dr. Phelps, United States Volunteers, on the medical care at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, April 6-7, 1862. "The sufferer [wounded] had not the alternative of choosing between transportation North (steamer) and death, and remaining upon the field with a reasonable chance of recovery, even though it were under the rudest shelter that the bedding found would have afforded."  [1] Dr. Phelps, believed hospital tents offered...

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The Rise and Fall of the Nature Ice Trade

The Rise and Fall of the Nature Ice Trade

This video describes Kev's upcoming talk on the rise and fall of the natural ice trade on Nov. 14, 2023, at the Wakulla County Library. The presentation will discuss Frederick Tudor and his natural...

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