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Sorry that I have not posted much, as I am busy writing my dissertation, but I did take time in April to be interviewed. On April 12, 2023, I had the opportunity to participate in an interview for the local PBS station program called Local Routes.
The interview was about Dr. John Gorrie and his 1850 ice-making machine. Mike Plummer, a video producer at Florida State University TV, interviewed me, historian Dale Cox and Joshua Hodson, the manager of the Gorrie Museum.
I was chosen for my expertise on Dr. John Gorrie, known for inventing the early artificial ice-making machine patented in 1851 in Apalachicola, Florida.
You can watch the video using the link below.
The video link to the 13-minute segment of the Local Routes video on John Gorrie:
I have written papers on John Gorrie and Frederic Tutor, the King of the Natural Ice Trade. They can be found at and in the links below.
The Civil War, The Ice Trade, And the Rise of the Ice Machine:…/the-civil-war-the-ice…/
The Natural Ice Trade, preview video a presentation I gave on ice trade:
Dr. John Gorrie: The birth of Refrigeration and Frederic Tudor: Natural Ice Trade:
Dr. John Gorrie, “Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”?:
John Gorrie and I were mentioned on the UK website-synthesis capital:
Here is a link to the John Gorrie Museum:…/john-gorrie-museum….
Here is a link to the Apalachicola Historical Society: