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This video is on the Rise and Fall of the Natural Ice Trade and is presented by Kevin Bair – and Wakulla County Historical Society. Learn how the natural ice trade started, how the Civil War changed the face of the natural ice trade, and how it helped spur the birth of the mechanical ice trade. Learn a bit about Dr. John Gorrie of Apalachicola, Florida, and how his pioneering efforts in refrigeration and ice-making to help his sick patients during illness impacted two Confederate soldiers, the Whiteside brothers, to dream of and build ice-making plants in Florida and Georgia after the Civil War.

Check out for the corresponding papers this presentation is created from:

The Civil War, The Ice Trade, And the Rise of the Ice Machine

Dr. John Gorrie, “Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”?

My interview on Tallahassee PBS was about Dr. John Gorrie’s invention of an ice-making machine in 1850.