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Presented here is a short video on Institutional Racism within the American Medical Establishment which I made during a graduate class at John Hopkins.  It was a powerpoint which I converted converted to an mp4.  At times you may need to pause the video at time to read to screens information. There is no audio.  This video was created from a paper I did with the same title.

Abstract: The intent of this video is to demonstrate how Institutional Racism within the American medical establishment promoted fear in oppressed and impoverished black communities. This fear was established through unethical medical procedures and performed by unprincipled white doctors, who used their image of respectability and healing to gain patients’ trust. The areas of concentration for this report are the Antebellum period, Tuskegee Syphilis Study, AIDS, and the lack of black participants in the study. Additionally, health disparities of blacks in the 1990’s will be covered. Through these examples, this author will pave a pathway for blacks’ justification in fearing the predominantly white medical establishment.