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Greetings and welcome to this week’s discussion question, Why the concept of Western Civilization is relevant for today?

Currently in the world of co-vid-19, we struggle to understand what is the new normal for our daily living. We realized the term normal needs to be modified. Thus, we ask, what is normal? And considering the current social unrest within varied sections of society, who are expressing their feelings of being oppressed and being treated unjustly. This situation begs additional questions, such as, what is freedom and liberty? And how are they applied to this country’s democracy?

Not unlike our current need to modify the definition of normal, the terms freedom and liberty have changed over the millennium, along with how they are applied within varied societies.

The only way we are going to understand how to successfully modify this country’s governing policies, and to move forward in the nationwide strive for equality is to know what, and where, and how we arrived at our basic concepts of freedom and liberty.

If we want to avoid the cycles of government, anarchy – tyranny, monarchy,  aristocracy, democracy, as laid out by Polybius,  we need to educate our citizens, in the birth of our freedom and liberties and just how special and fragile they are.