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This video deals with elements of historic preservation.  Three individuals were interviewed. Bob Holladay, President of the Tallahassee Historical Society, on, What is a Historical Society and what to do with controversial monuments. Caty Greene, President of the Apalachicola Historical Society, on the David Raney House, fund-raising, and the role of the Society within Apalachicola. Lance Kelley, Assistant Manager of the St. George Island Florida State Parks, discussing the Park’s role in the Thomas Orman House and the Dr. John Gorrie Museum.

I interviewed three experts and the interviews average 35 minutes.   The tough part was deciding what to edit out.  Each unedited interview would make an informative presentation, but  wanted to present a few lenses on what historical preservation is, as well as what are some of the challenges facing historic preservation.

This was video was an assignment in my History PhD. class, HIST 705 at Liberty University, the topic was mine.