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Greeting, I am Kevin Bair of History with Kev, and this week Saturday, May 15, at 4:00pm, I will give a short talk on Frederic Tudor the Ice King of Boston and the natural ice trade he started in 1805. This will be at the Raney House in Historical Apalachicola Florida. A thanks goes our to Caty Greene and the Apalachicola Historical Society for having me.

At the presentation you will hear about the impact Tudor Ice had on the Tropics and the South, including Apalachicola, as well Apalachicola’s own as refrigeration inventor Dr. John Gorrie. You will also hear about the two smuggled ice machines from France by daring Union Blockade Runners. I cannot forget Apalachicola’s other early artificial ice entrepreneurs, the Whiteside brothers, Samuel and George, who helped build post-civil war ice machines, stared several ice making companies, including the Apalachicola Ice and Canning Company, and the Gorrie Ice Company in Savannah Georgia, as well as help found the Southern Ice Exchange.

Shipping Ice, what was its journey like, from being sawed out of Boston ponds in 1806, carted by horse and wagon, loaded on Square Rigged ships and sent to far away destination in the Tropics, like Martinique, or all the way to Calcutta? Domestically, some of the Southern Ports were, Savanna, Charleston, Apalachicola, New Orleans.

If your curious about the finer details on the ice trade and men like Tudor, Gorrie, and several other prominent men, such as the Whiteside brothers who started the Apalachicola Ice and Canning Company and the Gorrie Ice Company in Savannah Georgia, then head on down to Raney House in Apalachicola Florida this Saturday May 15, at 4:00 pm.
I hope to see you there, Kevin