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Daily Antebellum life in Apalachicola Florida as viewed from the Orman Ledger, 1853 – 54

Kev has an upcoming talk on daily Antebellum life in Apalachicola Florida as viewed through the Orman store Ledger, 1853 – 54. It will be Saturday, 4 pm May 21, 2022, Raney Carriage House in downtown Apalachicola Florida.
Have you ever wondered what daily life was like in 1850’s Florida?
The Orman store ledger through daily transaction reveals who bought what, what out kinds of groceries were sold, what alcohol was bought, and what ships were in port.
Did you know Florida had over 1000 plantations?
Much of Florida’s cotton, as well as that of central and Western Georgia and parts of Alabama, was ship out via Apalachicola.
Did you know Apalachicola was an international port, and she hosted more than 200 steamer / paddle wheelers on her rivers?
Did you know in 1853 you could go bowling in Apalachicola?
Did you know the one of the popular songs of 1850 was De Camptown Races?
And the controversial book of 1852 was Uncle Toms Cabin.
Do you know the difference between screw and steam cotton press?
The answers to these questions and more will be discussed in my presentation at the Raney House in Apalachicola Florida, May 21at 4:pm.
Can’t attend, then check out or for the presentation.
It will be uploaded soon after the presentation.
Thanks for watching, Kevin